MiniBlog: Why Rudolph is the Best Fairytail Christmas Story

by scotteliasmacha

We all know how it goes. Rudolph is different and he’s made fun of for it. One day, his defect makes him a hero instead of the misfit. What a great story. 

The story could have gone completely different. Imagine, in an alternate universe, Rudolph is approached on the renowned “foggy night” to lead Santa’s sleigh. But this time, this is Rudolph’s response:

“You all have treated me like dirt since the day I was born. Whenever I wanted to play a game or needed help, you would just make fun of me and call me names. Now, since my defect is convenient, you all want to be my best friend. I don’t owe you anything. Good luck flying in the fog, I’m going to go enjoy myself.”

Rudolph had every right to respond this way, but he didn’t. The story leaves out a few interesting details. Rudolph never complained about being left out. There was never an apology from the other reindeer. There was never an “I told you so” from Rudolph. 

He refused to play the victim. 

By definition, he was a victim, but he chose not to identify as one. Instead of becoming vindictive or revengeful, he knew who he was. He knew he was different, and he knew he had a purpose. 

When situations are out of your control, how do you respond? Do you know your purpose? Are you forgiving or spiteful? 

In a world full of victims, be a Rudolph. One day, your time will come to save the day.