MiniBlog: A God of Limits

by scotteliasmacha

Freedom is not found in the absence of limitations. Aristotle believed true freedom was found by imposing the correct limitations. Healthy relationships embrace limits.

Limitations (or boundaries) help us to tell others “no” so we can maintain our health and effectiveness. 

Why are limitations necessary?

Appropriate boundaries lead to success because God created them for our good. God gives us limits, not to restrict us from good, but to protect us from bad. He isn’t asking us to do what He won’t do Himself. Yes, God puts limits on himself too. Jesus used boundaries to protect his identity and fuel His ministry. He would climb a mountain to pray alone with His Father. Jesus was the one person who didn’t need to worry about losing Himself, yet he practiced setting boundaries. He understood: without a sense of separateness, you’ll lose your potency.

Boundaries helped Jesus stay on track – I think we should follow suit.