Another Blog, Another Opinion.

by scotteliasmacha

“Look at me! Listen to me! Read my blog! Show me that I have value by liking my posts. Show me that I am loved by hearing my stories.”

This is not a rip on those who blog to be valued. In fact, even writing those words leads me to sorrow. I have my value given to me daily by my Heavenly Father. For me… to live is Christ, and to die is gain. How prideful must a twenty-year-old be to think he could make a difference by blogging?

Why do some on the internet, particularly Christians, grow in popularity? I think of one Jefferson Bethke ( He has skyrocketed in the Christian world through the power of social media. I have the strong belief that it’s not because he worked harder than everyone else to promote himself, but rather he was driven by a real understanding of Jesus. To be honest, he doesn’t have a whole lot of new ideas to share about the Gospel. There truly is nothing new under the sun. In fact, it’s not that his opinions are better or more innovative than anyone else’s, but that he took the gospel and had a passion to share it. He took the Gospel to spoken word. He used whatever means necessary to spread grace and truth. John Piper can’t minister to people the way Mark Driscoll can, Matt Chandler can’t minister to people the way John Bevere can. Joyce Meyer can’t minister to people the way Tim Keller can. God created us with different gifts so we can channel His grace to everyone. If preaching the gospel was left to one person, there would be no church. I do not believe this next sentence is rooted in pride: I can minister to people in a way that no one else can. I also believe that is true for every Christian.

God has stirred in me an unremitting desire to spread His Gospel of grace. I am constantly seeking to improve my craft, namely communication. I love preaching and writing. There are a multitude of better writers and preachers in this world, but as I was saying earlier, none with my identity and story in Christ.

When I first heard that a Christian minister should not write a book until she or he was forty, I totally agreed. I got it. Wisdom comes with time. After that, I set my heart to wait until that time. Then, the Lord began to stir my resolve. I then realized the implication of that guideline: the gospel would never be written by anyone under forty. A whole generation could miss the gospel due to an inability to relate. To miss out on peer-to-peer ministering would be a grave mistake.

All that to say: I do not claim to have a new Gospel. I do not claim to have new wisdom. This I will say: Read my stories and see how God has worked his grace through my life and you might fall more in love with our King Jesus.